Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cable & Wireless LIME St. Kitts refuses to compensate Khrystus Wallace - USA Friends Prepare To Fly Him Out For Treatment

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1:30am  - Florida

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Former Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor, Khrystus Wallace, Yvette Wallace

Popular Global News in Florida understands that to date, Cable and Wireless LIME (St. Kitts - Nevis) has refused to reach out to the Family of Khrystus Wallace to help get the young 26 year old Reverend Overseas Medical Attention Immediately.

LIME (St. Kitts - Nevis), The Caribbean's Biggest Telecommunication Provider sent the Reverend Crazy by getting involved in the local politics, blocking his cell phone alone, not allowing him to communicate with his hypertensive mother who was always worried and also didn't allow him to register new chips under his name with his commonly used LIME Customer Service Business Representative.

Brother Bob Holbert, of North Carolina, the gentleman that led Khrystus Wallace to Christ during a mission trip to St. Kitts back in 1996, along with other USA Friends are busy helping the family prepare to get the young, ambitious preacher and business further Psychological Help in the USA Immediately because of confirmed imbalances.

Wallace's mental illness / psychological breakdown case can be confirmed by Dr. Warner, Dr. Archibald and Dr. Crawford at the Joseph N. France General Hospital in St. Kitts as he did confess to all the Doctors the reason why Police brought him to the hospital, having been reported by LIME - St. Kitts - Nevis Manager.

Khrystus Wallace has a concern continuing medical attention at the Local Hospital in his homeland because of the corruption that is taking place. See much of what this youth has been through on his quest to rise at:  CAUSES.COM Campaign -

Popular Global News will attempt to get Khrystus Wallace and his family as many USA TV interviews to spread his cause and case around the world and help him raise funds and also share his story of TELECOMMUNICATION  COMPANIES  GETTING  INVOLVED  IN  LOCAL  POLITICS.

An interview with UK Born Piers Morgan will be sought as Mr. Morgan may have a special interest in reporting on a large company from his homeland that has joined a political victimization probe.

Wallace is currently receiving home based treatment and counseling arranged by his Family Doctor from Birth - Dr. Reginald Oloughlin.

Rev. Wallace is founder of Dare 2 Be Different International - and also founder of  - The Blazing Star Movement -, the Federation's newest youth political party in St. Kitts - Nevis which may now not be able to contest the next general elections as planned as the constitution doesn't allow persons with mental imbalances to run, which was the main reason of all of Wallace's Government and Telecommunication Victimization Plots since he was making such a powerful impact on the youth and all through his social media advocacy.

What a story of pain and hurt while large companies sit back and relax as those they hurt SUFFER. Wallace is being monitored heavily at home as he receives home based care and seeks URGENT  OVERSEAS  MEDICAL  ATTENTION.

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cable & Wireless Communications - Lime St. Kitts - Nevis Gets Involved In Local Politics and Sends Preacher Crazy

10:30pm  - Florida

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Former Deputy Prime Minister Sam Conder, Khrystus Wallace, Yvette Wallace

The St. Kitts - Nevis Election Fever seems to get hotter and hotter as the country waits for Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas to set a date for the early election as they want him sacked immediately, but it made a strange and sad turn approximately one week ago our disseminate it news firm in Florida understands.

The Popular and Radical Founder of The Blazing Star Movement -, the newest, hottest and most radical youth political party, founded by 26 year old Rev. Khrystus Wallace, was sent crazy or had a brief psychological break down thanks to telecommunication Giant Cable & Wireless (UK) that owns LIME - Caribbean (St. Kitts-Nevis).

Wallace's team confirmed that while driving into Basseterre - St. Kitts on Friday, 19th April, 2013 with Wallace at the helm of the steering wheel, he was being very careful to keep his mother Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed informed as to his whereabouts as everyone was seemingly after the youth radical to bring him down since his popularity was rising.

Upon arriving at a particular spot in Basseterre - St. Kitts, which is the city area, Wallace pulled his LIME BlackBerry Phone to make his regular update phone call to his mother from 869-661-0118 and the service was down - Totally down.

Since Wallace had his two best friends with him who also had Lime Phones, he told them to check to see if their service was up and their service was up, so he borrowed one of their LIME phones and made a call to his mother to tell her about the recent update with regards to his Telephone alone and the others was up and she immediately demanded that he return home quickly.

Wallace rushed into LIME to buy two new Chips, but the Customer Service Representative that he is accustommed to use over all the years couldn't get any new chips registered under Khrystus Wallace and had to hold a friend's phone to communicate with his mother.

While sitting by the Customer Service Rep, his phone came back up and he took the opportunity to text the Commissioner of Police and other Officers and St. Kitts - Nevis Manager, asking that they warn the manager that LIME shouldn't get involved in local politics.

Rev. Wallace of Dare 2 Be Different International -, who is usually a reserved person, continued to get upset at how such a Powerful Telecommunication Company got involved in such corruption to keep down a new youth Party - The Blazing Star Movement - and sent the manager some other radical texts, which definitely wasn't the regular Wallace.

St. Kitts - Nevis Lime Manager reported Wallace to the St. Kitts - Nevis Police who brought him in for questioning and then took him to the Hospital immediately as Cable & Wireless - LIME happenings had really taken a toll on the 26 year old youth who continues to go through so much on his quest to rise.

Doctors immediately gave Wallace 2 injections, put him on drips to relax him and sent him to Psychiatric Ward where he spent a night, but after questioning from the Doctor the Following Day and a strong case presented by his Mother Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed, the Psychologist agreed that Wallace was slowly recovering and could be sent to Private Ward to recover, where he spent several days.

Cable & Wireless - LIME (St. Kitts - Nevis) should be ashamed of getting involved in the Local Politics and should compensate Mr. Khrystus Wallace, his hypertensive mother, family and friends immediately and shouldn't use their MONEY and POWER to stress the peaceful, law abiding family by allowing such a matter to go to court.

Rev. Khrystus Wallace just doesn't seem to be lucky with politics around this time. He was first jailed for 1 day for printing shirts for an opposition party, which was actually a breach of Contract aggreement with the St. Kitts - Nevis Development Bank which he is heading to court with, he lost his love of 11 years as she suddenly met a new man during trying times for Wallace and tried to get him jailed for rape to serve 10 years in jail, but failed, everyone was at him in someway just because he was a youth trying to rise and it was something outside the box and Cable and Wireless - Lime - St. Kitts - Nevis iced the cake by sending him crazy and letting police take him off the road.

As Wallace tried to advocate through his facebook page and tell the world what had happened, Lime Manager, alerted Police and they came to the hospital quickly to take away all Wallace's electronics since he didn't want the matter to reach his superiors or to provide compensation during such trying times.

Our news team in Florida will be sending this case to FLORIDA Lawyers to help the youth just in case no compensation talks arise. Khrystus Wallace has just been through it all. Follow his CAUSES.COM Campaign -

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Dr. Denzil Douglas Led Corrupt Government Exposed by Radical 26 Year Old Preacher who started Godly Party just to root up and tear down and expose injustices against youth

5am - Florida - USA

15th April, 2013

Truly this man is chosen by God. He setup a Godly party by the name of the Blazing Star Movement – and in six weeks did what The People’s Action Movement had failed to do in 18 years, represent the poor, the working class, the disabled, the small businessman.

God used 26 Year Old Khrystus Wallace to expose a lot of Corruption in The Dr. Denzil Douglas Led Administration over all the years. From the Victimization of the Sugar Industry and Diversification Fund to the Injustics of Development Bank Manager Lenworth Harris fighting down the dreams of the youth by willfully denying loans.

Lenworth Harris had the power to sign a $150,000 check and grant approval all by himself. According to Wallace’s Blog – , where he constantly wrote, and wrote, and wrote just to get global attention, Lenworth Harris is the brother of Dr. Timothy Harris who firstly tried to overthrow the Duly Elected Prime Minister of St. Kitts – Nevis Dr. The Right Honourable Denzil Douglas.

From the moment the motion of no confidence was tabled, Wallace started blogging and blogging and saying that that wasn’t the way. That wasn’t Godly and no Pastor, no church joined his cry and he therefore questioned the SALVATION of all the Pastors in the Country since he has studied in the Bible that God always gave the promotion to Kings and he gave their demotion too.

Wallace, who was hired by Dr. Denzil Douglas to provide Political Consulting Services through used a Biblical Approach to confuse the enemy until he got to totally expose the Corruption and prove everyone WRONG.

According to Wallace’s Blog, he was using a strategy of 1 Samuel 14:36  And Saul said, Let us go down after the Philistines by night, and spoil them until the morning light, and let us not leave a man of them. And they said, Do whatsoever seemeth good unto thee. Then said the priest, Let us draw near hither unto God

To make matters worst, while successfully getting the global following to put their eyes on a New Radical Party = The Blazing Star Movement – , he was also punishing the Prime Minister for his use of language with an Article on his blog titled – Mr. PM – Wash Out You Mouth With Clorox.

Rev. Wallace, who is a labour although his father is a PAM – People’s Action Movement supporter, used his Consulting Services to come out of the Labour Party, form his own party, confuse the nation, re-unite with Labour and contest 8 seats for his Blazing Star Movement Party and 8 Seats for the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party.

Wallace’s idea would therefore destroy The People’s Action Movement for life since over their history, they have always been weak and depended on a Unity Government to get into power.

On the launch of Wallace’s party, he immediately bashed the Unity Government Concept and proposed that Dr. Timothy Harris and Mr. Sam Condor were just using that as a Political Ploy to remove Dr. Douglas which wasn’t Godly and to Get Back into Power.

Wallace, a 26 year old Youth also publicly Bashed Bishop Ron Collins and all the so called Ministers of Religion who did something UnGodly and joined with applying pressure to remove the Prime Minister when it wasn’t his time yet and not God’s time.

26 year old Khrystus Wallace will go down in history as one of the bravest youths the World would have ever known. He started his own Political Party, exposed corruption from every angle as those Truly Called  By God should be always doing.

He lost the love of his life in the process and decided that he wouldn’t self-destruct, but fight it to the very end until he accomplished all that God wanted him to do and reap up every dollar in compensation owed to him by Mr. Corrupt – St. Kitts – Nevis Development Bank Manager – Lenworth Harris.

Wallace used Social Media on Saturday, 13th April, 2013, to reach out to the world, when Politicians were trying to get him locked away for $6000 debts until after elections claiming that the youth was too powerful. Wallace defied the odds and reached out to  the world, got the attention of International Lawyers, setup a meeting with Lawyer Nassibou Butler – via quickly to discuss the approaches to his VICTIMIZATION  CASES and start fighting the battle.

This youth is just totally amazing. There is none like him. He operates under a FEARLESS  RADICAL   ANNOINTING  and should be compensated by everyone involved in the Victimization Probe to keep him down.

The world should read through his blog –

While Political Parties were using old fashion methods of meetings, Wallace was using the power of his 10 year email address Database, he was also using Text Marketing to present his party.

Wallace then received a call from a friend, telling him to FACE  HIS SELF  AND  THINK and he wrote the words from the friend on his Popular Global Hope Devotional –

While the world thought that he had gone crazy, God positioned key people around him to protect him and hold up his arms, encourage him so he can continue his fight. Wallace has always contended that the scriptures must be fulfilled.

Isaiah 11:6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

Those involved in this MAMOTH  CASE  OF  VICTIMIZATION, DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER against the Radical Man of God, don’t seem to read their Bible that admonishes folks to touch not the Lord’s anointed or do his servants no harm.

The Victimization Team was led by Bank Manager Lenworth Harris, Minister of Government and Lawyer for Harris Bank – Jason Hamilton of Hamilton and Co, Rodney “Lawyer” Williams, a friend of Jason Hamilton with a  criminal back ground and goes by 14 different alias’, Kendra Morton, loans officer at the St. Kitts Branch where Wallace tried for a loan and finally Hyacinth Pemberton, loan officer at Nevis branch, where Wallace asked his brother to try too.

Truly, as the Bible says, this wasn’t an earthly WAR, it was a heavenly war and the Radical 26 year old preacher had to fight it all alone like Daniel, Like Job, Like Noah, Like the The Three Hebrew Boys, Like David against Goliath and he won, he won big time.

Wallace’s lawyer’s say that with all his ideas that were kept back, they had a strong enough case to pursue against the bank and those involved that would immediately make him the Caribbean’s Richest Youth certainly proving that God rewards his soldiers for their fight.

Wallace had dreamed of retiring at 30 but may get to retire at 26 after a case against the bank or after a Settlement with all individuals. Wallace had already planted his Dare 2 Be Different Ministry – ministry in St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Ghana, Kenya, the USA and would have used some of the Victimized Funds to open a KVK ENTERPRISES where ever he had a ministry according to his website –

He had also creatively developed an idea from The St. Kitts – Nevis Sugar Diversification Fund after they wrote him two letters saying that they wouldn’t help two days after he formed his party.  Wallace started and had he gotten funding, would have been able to reach out to over 300,000 people and even more, as he purchased Email Databases online and get donations of US$25 each raising a mammoth amount to help the world.

Had the Development Manager given Wallace a small amount of funds, he would have been able to purchase the email databases and raise his own amount of money and Wallace should be compensated for this massive loss alone as US$25 x 300,000 = US$7,500,000.

Wallace is a brilliant youth and should have never been victimized like this. He seems to be the Mark Zukerburg of the Caribbean, but wasn’t allowed to rise.

In other countries, all persons involved in the Mamoth Case of Victimization and Constant Defamation would have to face Criminal Prosecution and Pay Compensation for the damaged caused to this 26 year old youth, because he didn’t deserve it at all.

Let’s see how Corrupt Dr. Denzil Douglas is too as the world follows this case and follows the youth.

Our team helps to spread POPULAR  GLOBAL  NEWS and when we saw several of Wallace’s blog postings on Google and Facebook, we decided that this story was one worth of global attention.

See Wallace’s Blog that drew our attention:

Face Yourself and Think Khrystus: This is your UNSHACKLED  STORY! Do you listen the programme? -

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